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'Ask Sandy'

May 25, 2023

I love challenging questions from clients; and over the years I've had some really interesting 'Ask Sandy' challenges come my way

Question: One of my all-time favourites " I have this giant concrete post in the middle of my living room. Can you make it disappear?'

Answer: Yes, of course! Truth is, colour is an amazing thing that allows you to 'hide' or to 'emphasize' elements of a room. Using colour, texture, furniture placement and lighting can totally transform any space.

Using the colours in their beautiful area rug as inspiration we were able to select the perfect colour to 'hide' that pillar by painting it, the face of the nearby fireplace, and an adjacent wall to make the room look AMAZING! Once we were done you barely noticed the pillar!

I'd love to help you solve your design challenges too & I look forward to hearing from you