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DYK - hiring me can save you money!?

December 6, 2022
Sandy Blue - CCSP, CCC

Sometimes folks are hesitant to hire a designer because they are worried about the cost.

When you use my services, not only do you enjoy award-winning service, but I also pass along preferred pricing from suppliers.

I work with you to create a plan to turn your house into your DREAM HOME, including everything from colour consulting to 3D room design, and sourcing furniture, flooring, lighting, art and decor.

Clients tell me they actually save money - that is the cost of my services is less than the savings they receive with preferred vendor pricing. PLUS, they are making informed decisions, and not having to suffer buyer's remorse over choosing the wrong furniture, colour or decor!

I've been doing this work since 1997 and I LOVE it! I've worked hard to earn industry certifications; and I keep up to date with ongoing training.

If you're thinking about making some changes give me a call! I'm happy to discuss what you've got in mind and build a solution tailored to your budget.

Talk to you soon! 604-866-0415